Thursday, October 13, 2016

A message from our PPBA President, Mike Kennedy, about pit crew volunteers needed!

We hope to add props at this weekend's show.  That being the case, we need 3 volunteers for Saturday's competition and  3 volunteers for Sunday's competition.

Please reply back asap to and let Mike know if you can do one or both days.

Saturday pit crew would need to meet at Pitman at 1:30 pm or at West Deptford at 1:45 pm.

On Sunday we would need pit crew to meet us at Pitman at 11:30 or at Deptford at 11:45.

If we don't get enough volunteers, we may not be able to incorporate the props into the show! If you volunteer, you get into the show for FREE and you get to see behind the scenes at how hard our kids work getting ready for the shows!

Send all replies to president@pitmanband,org!!! Thank you!!

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