Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Busy Jazz Week Ahead

We are about to hit the busiest week for Jazz Band that we have had in a while. 

April 12th - the 15th is going to be jazz every night. 

Tuesday and Thursday evening we have rehearsal 6-8pm as per usual. 

Wednesday we are attending a Jazz Festival/Clinic at Sterling High School in Stratford. This is a little different from the typical competition format. We will perform 2 songs and have faculty from University of the Arts then join us on stage to clinic and answer questions. Each band will do this with all of the other performing bands in the audience. Parents and supporters are welcome to join for what will be a learning experience for us all. We go on at  8pm. We will be back to the school betwen 9:30 and 10pm. I know this is a school night and a little late but it is not everyday students get the opportunity to work with the quality of musicians we will see at the festival. 

Friday evening we are attending the Mainland Regional HS Jazz Festival hosted by Mainland HS. This is a more traditional jazz festival and again a late evening. We perform at 7:30pm with awards at approximately 9:55 pm. I do not expect for us to return until approximately midnight. 

It is a busy week but should be an extremely fun and rewarding one for our young musicians!

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