Monday, February 1, 2016

Boston Trip Itinerary and Updates

Hello Everyone, 

We are officially now in the week of the Boston trip up to the Berklee College Of Music's High School Jazz Festival. 

This year we are having some slight issues setting a departure time. The students first responsibility is to complete their midterms and thus I will not be setting a time to leave until they have all had ample opportunity to complete their midterms to the best of their abilities. The itinerary for Friday is very much up in the air because of this. 


Depart between 11am and 1pm with lunch on the ride up. Dinner will either be at a restaurant in Boston or a pizza party in the hotel. This is again dependent on time of arrival. 

We are staying at the
Holiday Inn Express - Boston 
69 Boston Street 
Boston Massachussetts 02125


7:00 AM - Wake Up
7:45 AM - Breakfast ( there are a few options we will decide the morning of, There is a
                 close by Panera Bread and also many options at the convention center. 
8:45 AM - Arrive at Convention Center
9:00 AM - Move Equipment to Performance Room 
9:30 AM - Warm Up
9:55 AM - Performance 
10:30 AM - Watch Bands 
12:00 PM - Meet for Lunch 
12:45 PM - Watch Bands
2:45 PM - Check In With Mr V
4:00 PM - Awards 
5:00 PM - Head To Quincy Market for Dinner and Shopping
8:00 PM - Return to Hotel 
10:00 PM - Room Check and Lights Out


7:45 AM - Wake Up 
8:15 AM - Breakfast 
9:00 AM - Depart for home 
12:00 PM - Lunch Stop 
3:00 PM - Arrive Back at Pitman High School

Students will contact their parents 45 minutes from home. Our arrival time can vary as much as an hour earlier (2PM) to an hour later (4PM) based on traffic and additional bathroom breaks. Please try to be aware that you may have to pick your student up earlier or later then 3pm. 

this trip is always a great experience for students to interact with thousands of other young musicians from across the globe and allows them to see other bands performing. It is an invaluable resource for those looking to continue on for music and also very educational for those who are not looking to continue. The emphasis of the weekend is to experience all levels of jazz and music during the festival and the weekend itself. 

If there are any more questions feel free to contact me at

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