Monday, April 20, 2015

Jazz Band Competitions - Finals and Overbrook

Hello all, 

This is quite a busy and hectic week for every one as the competitive portion of Jazz Band is wrapping up. Tuesday night we take the stage at Overbrook. Students have been given all of the information and reminded, but just in case here are some of the details. Students were told to report at 4pm, our performance time is at 6 pm, and we hope to return home between 10 and 10:30 pm. It is a school night of course so we are trying to get home as soon as awards are done. If you decide to look up directions make sure you have the Overbrook HS in Pine Hill, New Jersey on Turnersville Road, not the Overbrook HS in Philadelphia.

Saturday evening we have Cavalcade of Bands Championships for the Glenn Miller Division. The Cavalcade website has no schedules posted but I had informed the students over a week ago that we were definitely on Saturday night. The location is Arcola Middle School in Norristown PA 4001 Eagleville Road. The students are reporting to the school at 4:30 pm, we perform at 7:45pm, and awards are at 10:40 pm.  I am estimating that we will not be home until after midnight somewhere around 12:30 to 1am. 

As we discussed in the meeting at the beginning of the year the schedule is prone to change and quite frequently the best way to obtain information concerning the schedule is from your jazz band member. The online calendar and website are forms of convenience to assist. I remind the students at each rehearsal of our upcoming schedule including performances and times. I feel that this is an integral part of the students growth as musicians and as young adults. Students being responsible for knowing the times, dates, and information is something I feel is not out of reach even though some may be learning this skill for the first time. The students have been excellent with this in all of my years of teaching and I have found that they learn a great deal from any "mishaps" that occur. If your student is unaware of the information or missed rehearsal I do encourage you to have them contact another band member first, then have them contact me, and finally if there is still a question please feel free for you to contact me.  This may not be the norm I understand but it is what I feel is a great tool in growing the students to be responsible young adults and accountable for themselves. 

Last but not least a huge congratulations and thanks to Chris Cancglin, Sophia Falciani, Ben Bierman, and JB Muermann as they are members of the COB Glenn Miller All Star Band that will perform at championships. They joined me Sunday in a rehearsal and I am really looking forward to directing two excellent bands this Saturday night.

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