Thursday, January 15, 2015

Boston Trip

Hello Everyone, 

This evenings rehearsal featured a lot of information being passed on to students and I just wanted to take a second and pass that on to you as well. 

The final cost for the trip is sitting around $165. This is not final however as we have had some circumstances that are causing the number of members attending to be in question. The final cost will be definite on Tuesday night. The good news is it will not jump up much higher then the $165, if it moves at all. 

Next, I handed out the medical forms and permission slip forms this evening. These forms must be completed. If you have already completed the permission slip and had it notorized because you were in marching band I will still need a copy for the jazz band, just not notorized.  The medical form is the same If you filled one out for marching band I still need a copy for the jazz band. 

Students also received a packet with information concerning the trip. This packet also requires your signature. A itinerary will be available next week as we are finishing up details concerning our schedule on Friday. The students have mid terms that day and school comes first, so we are doing our best to adjust the schedule to allow students ample opportunity to fulfill their obligations that morning. 

I am really looking forward to this trip and am extremely excited about those of you who are joining us in Boston. 


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