Thursday, October 23, 2014

Jazz Band Audition Information (From the Afterschool Meeting)

Welcome to another year of jazz band. This years auditions will be on November 5th after school. EVERYONE must audition, including returning members. This is important as I need to consider seating as well as soloists. The audition also gives me a chance to see where you have progressed since last year and also to ask a couple questions about your plans for the spring. IF YOU DO NOT PLAY A “JAZZ” INSTRUMENT, AUDITION ON THE INSTRUMENT YOU ARE MOST COMFORTABLE ON. 
Auditions Requirements 
Bb Major Scale (legato)
I am really looking for a legato articulation and continuous air stream. Everything should sound smooth and easy. Remember music is about sound, so listen to yourself as you play the scale, a great tool is to use your phone to record yourself. If something doesn’t sound smooth and easy then something is wrong. Speed doesn’t matter to me as much as good sound. Playing something fast isn’t impressive if there rare mistakes.
Audition Song (Mr. P.C.) *** For HS Students Only 
You will also receive a copy of a song I will require everyone to play. The melody is simple and all I am asking is to hear you play it with good tone and correct rhythm and pitch. Mistakes happen but as musicians we have to realize that there is a difference between mistakes and not practicing. The song this year is Mr. P.C. and a copy will be made available for everyone. 
       Speed on the song is not as important to me as accuracy. Many people can play things fast but often times speed means mistakes, and again I want to focus on the basics for the auditions. A great way to help learn a new song is to look up some famous performances of the song. Check out the following versions of this years song:
John Coltrane - Mr PC on the Album “Giant Steps”
Mahattan Jazz Quintet - Mr PC on the Album “My Funny Valentine”
McCoy Tyner and John Scofield - Mr PC (Rhythm Section Members)
Sight Reading 
A short sight reading section will also be included the day of and is simply for me to see how you approach the process and so I can give you a couple helpful tips.

Results and Parent Meeting 
Results will be posted in the band room following auditions. Any questions concerning results will not be addressed that day. Please contact me to set up a meeting if there is any questions and then we can go over the audition results. 
This year there will also be a mandatory meeting for both jazz band members and a parent / guardian. This meeting will take place on November 13th at 7pm. I  will discuss policies, procedures, and events for the upcoming year and field any questions that may arise. Again this is MANDATORY for all members of the band and a parent / guardian If you have any further questions feel free to contact me via email at Thanks and I am excited for the upcoming jazz season!

Mr V. 
Jazz Band Director

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