Monday, October 20, 2014

Good News for the PPBA and the Pitman High School Instrumental Music Program!

Good News for the PPBA and the Pitman High School Instrumental Music Program!


As anyone who has been involved with the PPBA and has attended meetings will know, we have a formidable budget that we must meet every year to continue to successfully support the Pitman High School Instrumental Music Program.  


This past July 23rd, Sally Bierman (Co-Treasurer, PPBA) met with our superintendent, Dr. McAleer, to request financial support from the Board of Education.  After careful analysis of marching band roster numbers and budget expense line items, her request was received very favorably by Dr. McAleer, who ensured her that he would discuss this request with the board.  Preliminary discussions were held at the September board meeting, and discussions were continued during last Wednesday’s meeting (October 15th).  Dr. McAleer also conducted a one-on-one meeting with Mr. Carey.  


Sally and Mike Kennedy (VP, PPBA) attended the October 15th meeting to represent the PPBA and answer any questions the board may have had about our organization and its activities.  Mr. Carey was also in attendance, and they are pleased to inform the PPBA membership that Dr. McAleer and the Board of Education are enthusiastic supporters of our program, they acknowledged the importance of maintaining programs such as ours, and verbally committed to do everything in their power to financially support our operating budget.  In other words, they will be looking for sources of income that they can utilize to help support our program!  


The PPBA Executive Committee is happy to convey this very positive newsand we will keep you informed and let you know when the motion is officially approved.  As always, we continue to look to ourmembership for steadfast fundraising support as we continue to commit ourselves to the effective support of our Instrumental Music Program.  


The PPBA Executive Committee



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