Saturday, August 30, 2014

Student funds

Pitman Panther Band Association




To:Pitman Panther Band Parents

From:Sally Bierman and Heather Epting, Co-Treasurers

Date:August 2014

Re:PPBA Student Account Information

The PPBA maintains an account for each PHS band student.  Each student’s deposits, payments and/or individual fundraising earnings are recorded in his/her own student account.  Any monies in an individual student’s account may be credited towards that student’s band activities (e.g.,  band camp, shoes, trips, etc.).  Funds cannot be taken out for any other purpose, and deposits and payments are non-refundable.

Every band student has the opportunity to earn money for his/her account through fundraising.  For example, this past year, students earned $1 for every Wawa Shorti coupon* they sold, $10 for every Entertainment Book, and a profit percentage on several other fundraisers.  When a student participates in a PPBA fundraiser, all monies earned are initially deposited into the PPBA General Account.  After all fundraiser payment checks have cleared, each student’s portion of the profit will be transferred into his/her own student account.  

When a student incurs an expense related to band activities, such as band camp, he/she has the option of using monies from his/her student account in order to help pay for it.  If a student chooses to use his/her student account to pay for an expense, the student's parent/guardian must contact Sally Bierman so that the designated amount can be transferred from that student’s account to the PPBA General Account.

Individual student accounts may not carry a negative balance.  If a student does not have sufficient funds in his/her student account to cover expenditures, the PPBA will be unable to process any payments for that student until we receive the necessary funds to do so.  Monies can be transferred from one student’s account to another as long as written consent is submitted to the PPBA Executive Committee; however, these funds may not be refunded once they are transferred to another student.


In the event that a band student leaves the band program for any reason other than graduation, and a balance remains in that student's account, a parent/guardian must notify the PPBA Treasurer in writing concerning the disbursement of those remaining funds.  During the Spring of a band student’s senior year, Sally Bierman will email his/her parents requesting a designation of the graduating student’s funds.  If he/she has a sibling in the music programthe funds will automatically be transferred to that sibling.  Band students with no siblings will be given the option to designate his/her funds to one other active band student's account.  All undesignated, unused funds will become part of the General Account.


We can’t stress enough that fundraising is a great opportunity for students to earn money for band activities.  In the past, we’ve had students cover their entire band camp expenses through individual fundraising. If at any time during the season you would like an update on how much money is in your student’s account or you wish to transfer funds, please contact Sally Bierman 

*this is a year-round fundraiser – coupons can be purchased at any time for $4 each by emailing Sally Bierman at .

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