Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fundraising Opportunities for the Orlando Trip

I wanted to make everyone aware of several fundraising opportunities to help afford the cost of the Walt Disney World trip.  This trip is a wonderful opportunity but it's much more successful if we can get all of the kids there.

Enjoy the City Coupon Books for Sale-The books sell for 20.00 and your child makes 10.00 for each book sold.
Hershey Candy- Candy sells for 1.50 and students make 24.00 per box sold.
Wawa Coupons- Students make 1.00 for each coupon purchased or sold.

March4Music- Money raised from this will go to bring down the cost of the trip for everyone.
GoFundMe- This is an online resource your child can use to solicit donations through social media.  All money raised goes directly to your child's trip cost.  It's free to set up.

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