Thursday, July 10, 2014

Unapproved Minutes from PPBA General Meeting 7/9

Pitman Panther Band Association
General Membership Meeting
July 9, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 7:28pm. A sign in sheet was not circulated (see attached list). The minutes from June 11, 2014 were approved (a motion was made by Marie Skinner and seconded by Loretta Falciani).


Kevin Hoffman was very thankful for the sympathy card sent to him by the PPBA upon the death of his father.


  • Fundraising
    • Car Wash – Terry Miles reported that the car wash is scheduled for Saturday, July 19th from 9:00am to 12:00pm. It will be held at Fire Company #1 on Holly Avenue, and Wayne Huber is our contact. Loretta Falciani has again volunteered her dryer for wet towels.
    • March 4 Music – Our YEA representative, John Swengler, will be meeting with the kids on August 6th to outline their duties for this fundraiser. The fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday, September 6th.

  • Treasurer – Sally Bierman reported that she had planned to present the PPBA with a final 2013/14 budget analysis at tonight’s meeting, but, because her computer is out of commission, she currently has no access to QuickBooks. She will present her report as soon as possible. She also reported that we currently have the following balances in our accounts:
General Fund -- $6,726.21
Student Fund -- $907.70
Savings -- $2,761.42

  • Director – Steve Carey reported on the following:
    • Walt Disney World Spring Trip – The trip has been approved. Students in grades 8 through 12 or marching band are eligible. The trip letters went out at the end of the school year. A non-refundable $75 deposit will be due by September 3rd. The trip is estimated to cost between $750 and $800.
    • Prop builders have been procured for the four required front field pieces as well as other props.
    • The lease/purchase for new drumline equipment is under way. The equipment is expected to arrive in the next few weeks.
    • The marching band uniforms have been picked up by the dry cleaner. Fittings will begin as soon as the cleaned uniforms are returned.


There was no Old Business to report.


  • Band Camp Parent Meeting – The camp meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 6th, and will be for new band parents. All necessary forms will be emailed to veteran parents. Mr. Carey will solicit a notary within the band parent organization via a website posting. General volunteer sign-up sheets will be available at the meeting.
  • Tuba Purchase – The marching band is in need of a second tuba. Mr. Carey has been quoted a price of $3900 by YEA for a used instrument. It was decided by the membership that a letter campaign would be attempted to solicit donations for the tuba. Heather Epting will send Mr. Carey a sample letter to be modified for our use. The kids will help with the mailing process. We will need to provide a receipt to donors.
  • Home Show Chairperson – Instead of one chairperson, the process to determine multiple committee chairs was begun. The following committee chairs have been established:
    • Michelle Kennedy and Terry Miles – Logistical Coordinators
    • Sally Bierman – Student Ambassadors
    • Pat Walker – Ticket Sales
    • Terri Brown and Smeltzers – Concessions
  • Committees and Chairs – The following Chairpersons have been confirmed for the upcoming PPBA year:
    • Concessions – Terri Brown and Smeltzers
    • Pit Crew Props – Mike Kennedy
    • Fundraising – Loretta Falciani
    • Uniforms – Sally Bierman
  • Pit Crew Recruitment – Mike Kennedy is working on a new system to ensure ample pit crew volunteers for the upcoming marching band season. In addition to a sign-up sheet at the new band parent camp meeting, a recruitment campaign will be launched on the band Facebook page. Key Club members will also be solicited on an as-needed basis.
  • Marching Band Trailer – The trailer is currently being repaired by the maintenance department.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:03pm.

Next PPBA Meeting: The next PPBA General Membership meeting will be replaced by the New Parent Camp Meeting on Wednesday, August 6th and a TOB Home Show Planning Session, date TBD.
A sign in sheet was not circulated. The following PPBA members were in attendance:

Michelle Kennedy
Mike Kennedy
Terry Miles
Heather Epting
Sally Bierman
Mr. Grillo
Marie Skinner
Teri Reed
Loretta Falciani
Jill Brown

Joan Tapken

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