Thursday, July 3, 2014

4th of July Parade and Marching Band Items

Report time for the 4th of July has been changed to 8:30 am at the high school.  Students should wear the t-shirt they were given last night at rehearsal.  We have a few left available for purchase and plan to sell more of them for any parents that would like to purchase them as well.  If you are planning on helping out by walking the parade with the kids and handing out water you can buy one Friday morning if you like.

In the near future we will be putting out the order form for marching band/color guard items they they will need to purchase for the season.  We currently have Hershey candy available for the students to sell to help offset the cost of all of these items.  Have your child see Mr. Carey if you are interested in selling candy.

Guard Costs:
Band Camp- Approximately 250.00 (includes 1 show t-shirt)
Gloves- 17.00
Shoes- 30.00
Flag Bag- 24.00

Band Costs:
Gloves 5.00 (Everyone but percussion)
Shoes- 36.00
Band Camp- Approximately 250.00 (includes 1 show t-shirt)


If you have any questions about any thing at all please feel free to contact any member of the executive board or myself at the emails below.

Steven Carey-
Michelle Kennedy-
Mike Kennedy-
Heather Epting and Sally Bierman-
Terri Miles-

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