Thursday, May 1, 2014

Raiders Drum and Bugle Corps Openings

Just wanted to pass this along to anyone who might be interested.

With Spring slowly arriving The Raiders Drum and Bugle Corps has begun its
outdoor rehearsal for the 2014 season and is looking for your assistance in
filling our remaing spots in the following sections:

Low Brass- Baritone

Any trumpet or mellophone players interested should use the contact
information below to see if there are any additional openings or if they'd
be interested in filing one of the Low Brass spots.

Guard-Openings still remain and Placement on ALL equipment is still ongoing.

Front Ensemble- Mallet/Keyboard spots are available. Inquiries for remaining
Electronic and Aux. percussion can be addressed with staff.

The Raiders continue their weekend based tour with a short early July tour
and end their summer with a World Championship tour ending the second week
of August.
Membership is open for students 13-21 years old.
Our tour schedule allows the members to practice and perform on weekends
while giving them the opportunity to spend time during the week to work and
spend time with friends and family.

For more information please have anyone interested visit: or Facebook: Raiders Drum and Bugle Corps, 2014 Raiders
Hornline/Colorguard /percussion Interest groups .

Or contact:

Delano Bonner-Director Raiders Drum and Bugle Corps

Thanks for Your Continued Support,
Gregg Bestreski
Recruitment Team- Raiders Drum and bugle corps

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